About Redwood Ranch and Vineyards

Redwood Ranch and Vineyards - Solar Panels

Redwood Ranch has received certification by the California Sustainable Wine Growers Alliance. Sustainable winegrowing is one of the primary goals at the Redwood Ranch. This philosophy views farming in its broadest sense, expanding beyond the growing of crops and fruit to an accountability and responsibility for the land, the workers, the local ecosystem, and the surrounding community as a whole. All these factors and many more must all be recognized and respected as integral parts of successful working vineyard and ranch operation.

Redwood Ranch has implemented numerous programs to create a successful sustainable farming system:

  • We practice soil conservation and utilize no-till in all vineyards.  This enables the beneficial insect and wildlife population to aid in pest control and eliminates many if not all pesticide requirements.  Native grasses and legumes are seeded in the vineyards which further builds the soils to provide ideal growing conditions for the vines. 
  • Maintaining a dedicated and stable workforce is also important to the ranch. Many key employees have been employed since the mid 80's by the Reed's, and moved to the ranch with them in 1996.  Redwood Ranch offers housing, medical insurance, pension with matching contributions, and many other employee benefits, ensuring that the workers lives are enhanced by working on the ranch.
  • Land conservation is emphasized by the committment to protecting the riparian corridor of the Russian River which runs the entire length of the Southern border of the ranch.  Native species of trees and undergrowth have been planted to diminish erosion and sustain the quality of the water from winter rainfall entering the river from the ranch.
  • Energy conservation is practiced in all phases of the operation.  The Redwood Ranch was one of the first family farms in Sonoma County to convert to solar power for the entire electrical needs of the homes, bunkhouses and shops.