About Redwood Ranch and Vineyards

Redwood Ranch and Vineyards - Barn

Soils, climate and exposure, known as terrior, is considered in the choice of variety and rootstock when planting the vineyards. The Redwood Ranch is blessed with alluvial soils and ideal exposures, affording excellent conditions for each block of grapes. The matching of the combination of variety, rootstock and location have been an ongoing effort since grapes were first planted on the ranch in the late 1960's.

Planted on benchlands with a southwest exposure affording maximum benefit from the warm days and cool evenings allows the grapes to develop the ideal brix and acid.

As Gary Farrell wines states in part in their description of the Redwood Ranch Sauvignon Blanc grapes, “Jim and Gayle the proprietors of the Redwood Ranch are dedicated partners. It is relationships like this that keep me passionate about winemaking, and remind me how much I love what I do. When I see grapes of this caliber enter our facility, I am determined to achieve excellence with the resulting wine. Few Winemakers are blessed with the quality fruit that we see on a regular basis in our facility, but none more impressive than Redwood Ranch's Sauvignon Blanc.”


CABERNET SAUVIGNON: Clones 7 and 8 paired with rootstocks 3309C, SO4 and 5C.
MERLOT: Clone 3 paired with rootstock 5BB.
SAUVIGNON BLANC: Clone 1 paired with 5BB rootstock.
CHARDONNAY: Clones 4 and 17 Paired with rootstocks 5BB and 101-14.